About Us

Darryl and Tisa

Dr. Darryl Jones and wife Tisa Jones are a passionate about all things Atlanta!  They know Atlanta to be a cultural, political and economical force.  Atlanta is the city of choice for industries from automobile manufacturing, cinema and technology.

Your Atlanta Voice Podcast

Whether you were born in Atlanta, were fortunate enough to have moved here or wish you were here, this show has something for you. The podcast features discussions on interesting topics and little known gems related to the great city of Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Darryl Jones (a Grady Baby) knows everything about Atlanta (past and present) and his wife Tisa keeps her finger on the pulse of what is trending in Atlanta.

Tune in to the podcast each week to find out more about what makes Atlanta so vibrant.  From our rich civil war and civil rights history to the entertainment impact in Hip Hop, movies and our own set of Housewives, Atlanta is a cultural icon.  Join us as we guide you through our city with humor and love.

Regular Segments

  • Atlanta Traffic
  • History of Atlanta
  • RWLL – Reading Watching Listening to and Loving

Listen in as we agree and mostly disagree about which of us knows more about the great city we dearly love. Become a subscriber today for the latest and up to date information from www.youratlantavoice.com

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